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Bride purchased the dress sight-unseen

Bride purchased the dress sight-unseen

Hello Brides!

This Sydney bride tried on a few designs and realised she didn’t like tulle skirts. We talked about what she didn’t like about the tulle, and I decided I had a dress that would be a good base for her. The Essense of Australia D1785 is made from Mikado and has two knife pleats at the front which is really flattering for a plus sized bride. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the dress in her size. This would mean that she would have to order the dress without trying it on first.
The dress is strapless, so the next step was tops and jackets to convert the strapless dress to one with sleeves. I had a short sleeved lace over-top in my boutique, which the bride liked. She was also interested in a long sleeved version, hopefully with some beading. I looked through my designers and noticed that Justin Alexander had a beaded tulle long sleeved jacket that would be perfect.
After a two hour consultation, the bride purchased the dress sight-unseen, and both of the jackets! She intends on wearing one for the ceremony and one for the reception.
Her friends have been asking her if she has a photograph of her in the dress; I bet they think she’s crazy when she explains that she hasn’t even tried the dress on! Thank you for having so much trust in me. 


Connie xo



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