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Brides dress not the same as the designers sketched it

Brides dress not the same as the designers sketched it

SYDNEY BRIDAL DESIGNER SKETCH WASN”T WHAT THE BRIDE TO BE IMAGINED HER DRESS WOULD BE. I get a lot of enquiries from brides who have purchased their dresses in Sydney and then experienced issues with their designs or alterations and are desperately seeking a Wollongong seamstress to fix these issues the week/day/evening before their wedding day…

I had one recently where the bride tried on dresses in my boutique and then took her ideas to Sydney to have a made-to-measure dress designed. The designer provided her with a sketch, which she approved; however, the final product looked nothing like the sketch!
The sketched design had a straight skirt topped with a sheer chiffon overlay, and ‘off the shoulder’ straps. The finished dress had a full circular-cut skirt, and a sweetheart neckline that was cut too high to allow for 'off the shoulder' straps.
I really felt for this bride, because she had invested a significant sum in the dress; however, I just do not have the time to take on work that has been cast off by Sydney designers. I would warn any bride considering getting their dress made in Sydney to also factor in the difficulties and costs of multiple trips to Sydney to iron out any issues that might arise.

Connie xo


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