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Dangers of not buying the right size.

Dangers of not buying the right size.

This bride bought her dress with the intention of losing weight. A new medical condition meant that things didn’t quite work out as we had both hoped. As her wedding got closer I was emailing her to see where she was at and if I could assist at all. I was getting anxious about how much time we had left, so I asked her if could purchase the satin and lace which I would need to alter her dress. At this late stage it was too late to order a bigger size.

She was coming in every few weeks to try on her dress, just to find that it was still not fitting. This was making her feel terrible - not something I ever want my brides to be feeling when it comes to their dresses!

Towards the end, I said that we should just leave it till the week of the wedding and we will work out what we are going to do then. Our two options were going to be buying a new dress from my rack stock, or work a miracle to get it to fit. I knew this dress was the only one she liked in my store, as I had reduced the price so that she could buy it off the rack. So I knew in my heart that I would need to find a solution to this tricky alteration.

Have a look at this video - it shows you how we managed to get her to wear her dream dress on her big day! She looked absolutely beautiful.


Brides, I cannot recommend that you ever buy a dress smaller than your size. The decision is yours to decide, and I will always support you no matter what happens, but it is always easier to make a too-big dress smaller than it is to make a small dress bigger.

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