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flatter your body shape

flatter your body shape

Hi all,

As women we know how critical of ourselves we can be when it comes to any outfits, let alone our wedding dress. We all want that dress that is going to make us feel the most beautiful we have ever felt.

Imagine feeling as if you would never find a gown that would flatter your body shape. My bride in these photos came to me believing just that. Feeling so disheartened and worried that there wasn't much time up her sleeve to order her gown, I got her to try on the Sincerity Bridal dress, knowing she wanted sleeves and that it could be done with this gown.

Take a look a the before and after photos.

When the bride picked up her dress which she didn't want to take it off. Her mother said with tears in her eyes to me "You promised that you would make my daughter look like a princess and you did" I got teary myself!
1. I lifted lace to waistline
2. I added sleeves ...It was also important that it didn't look like an add on but part of the dress.
3.I made her a silk belt with lace left over I added it in the front of the waistline, so you could still see the belt on the sides. 
4. Removed a layer of netting under skirt.
Fantastic results .....who would care that this dress was a size 22 when it it looks THIS AMAZING! .You can be a dressmaker and alter gowns, but you need to have an eye for styling a figure and a passion for finding that gown which will show up the beautiful shape that we all have!

Photo before and after Sincerity Bridal 3771 
Connie xo


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