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Follow the Shoes

Follow the Shoes

As women, we understand what it means to have a love affair with shoes....and love at first sight too! It's the same love you hope to come across when it comes to your wedding dress isn't it? That feeling in your gut that tells you it's the right one? But what happens when you fall in love with the shoe first....

That's exactly what happened to one bride of mine who came into my Bridal shop  with her wedding shoes before she'd even spotted the dress she liked. She was head over heels for the shoes in their soft oyster colour. Unless your'e going for a completely different colour to your dress (say silver), your shoes have to be a good match to the colour of your gown.

I just happened to have a Sincerity Bridal gown that was in the same toning as my brides shoes. Good news! She loved the dress and the shoes...well, what a match!

Her words were :" This is fete. It's telling me 'stop looking, you found it"! 

Don't you love when that happens? 

Connie xo


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