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Inexperienced alterations

Inexperienced alterations

Last week I received a text message from a bride who was a mere 12 days out from her wedding.

She had collected her dress from another boutique, after her final fitting, and was beside herself with worry because the dress still did not fit.
This poor bride had been sold a dress with with wide shoulder straps under the impression that the seamstress could change the dress to be ‘off the shoulder’. Unfortunately this just isn’t the case - off the shoulder dresses need a lot of built-in structure to keep the bodice up without the support of the straps. All the seamstress did was sew a seam to reorientate the straps sideways. Ugh, another example of the difference between a factory style seamstress and someone who has worked in made-to-measure and is familiar with drafting patterns.
I was too busy to take on another dress, but I passed along the number of a seamstress I have worked with before.
Glynis ran the dress in on the front and side panels, which helped hold the dress closer to the body. She also ran the side seams in on the skirt, which gave the dress a little more shape. Glynis also told me that the bride was a long term follower of my Facebook account and regretting getting caught up in the moment and purchasing a dress from somewhere else.
THIS is why I don’t pressure my brides to make an immediate decision!

Connie xo


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