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show off a gorgeous womanly figure

show off a gorgeous womanly figure

This is the Sincerity Bridal Dress in a size 18. There is no reason why a plus sized bride can’t look as beautiful as a size 8. In fact, I believe that wedding dresses are perfect examples of how the right tailoring can really show off a gorgeous womanly figure! This bride has a tiny waist, and I knew that running the dress in at that area would show off her beautiful shape better than any other styling detail. The dress has lifted the bust up and the bride’s hourglass figure is highlighted. I’ve included a photograph of the bride in her regular clothes to show what a difference the right tailoring can make. WOW, right?!

I do love it when a bride is wearing the dress, rather than the dress wearing the bride. Dressmaking is just as much about styling a figure as it is about fashions and trends, and together we can achieve great results!
Connie xo


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