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Sincerity Bridal 3788

Sincerity Bridal 3788

Hi Brides, This week I would like to share this photo of an actual bride in a Sincerity Bridal dress, as to put it on the mannequin would not do the superb fit of this dress any justice. This particular bride wanted a lace vintage style dress. She tried many on. I looked at her body shape and asked her if she would put this dress on for me.

As soon as she put it on she said" how slim and curvy" she looked," I love it" but it has changed what I thought I wanted. I knew it would suit her figure shape (size 14-16 ) as she is a rectangle shape bride, which means there isn't a great waist definition. The asymmetric pleated mermaid gown is perfect for this shape bride. It's all about styling the right gown is not down to size.

Connie xox   


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