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Trust in me

Trust in me

This is a story about a bride having trust in me.


This bride was back in for a second consultation. She wanted to try on the dresses she had already tried on, but also wanted to know if there was anything new - she’d liked the previous dresses but none had really spoken to her heart.


As we get to about half way through the consult, I start to get a very clear idea of what it was she was looking for!


I said to her “I have the perfect dress for you, but I don’t have it in your size so you are going to have to trust me.”


I held the Martina Liana 984 against her, and explained how Martina Liana accept custom changes to dresses at the time of ordering. For this bride, I suggested we continue the lace up over the shoulder so we can insert a bra, and sent a diagram to the designer showing where I wanted extra boning put in. We also requested no netting in the underskirt, because the bride wanted a softer look the the skirt drape.


The bride had so much trust in me and could visualise what it was I was suggesting so said ‘Let’s do it!’


The bride is a size 28 and this dress has the Wow Factor that the other dresses didn’t have.

Connie xo