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Word of Mouth

Word of Mouth

It’s a home truth in this area that word of mouth can either make or break your business. In my case, I would say the community here is something that has enabled the success I have been fortunate to experience so far. Local experience and local knowledge is valued, local people like to support local people, and when the service and experience is good from a business, people like to share that with others.
While I do have many, many years of experience, this experience has been made right here in the Illawarra.  People know me as ‘Connie the dressmaker’ and my own history has been built here in the Illawarra. I have brides that come in, and whether it’s their mum, aunty, cousin, friend, whoever, people often tell me that somebody they know has had something I altered or made. It’s a really nice feeling to have a bride come in and to find out that I  helped her mum with their dress.
The Illawarra is a place made of communities, of families, so while it’s hard to say how many people would have found out about Accapella Bridal because of word of mouth, I’m certain that for those who did, it definitely gave them the confidence to come to Accapella Bridal and see me for their dress.


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