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Last minute alterations

Last minute alterations

Alteration of the week!!!

This bride bought her dress from my sale rack. This usually means that it is a discontinued gown, and can no longer be ordered from the designer.

She fell in love with it but when she bought it it was small for her. She had intentions of losing weight but I never like to encourage the purchase of a too-small dress. But I checked the seam allowance and there was almost enough that we could get the dress to fit right then, if we let it out.

She came in for her fitting and, although she had lost the weight, she didn’t like how the back was so exposed.

To remedy this, together we picked four lace motifs from the train and used these to add more coverage across the back. I always have spare porcelain coloured tulle in the store, and we used this, combined with the lace motifs we ‘borrowed’ from the train, to raise the back neckline and add in elastic looped buttons. I also added boning to the lace and tulle extension I added at the back - this allowed the bride to feel more supported.

I decided to keep the alterations until the Monday before the wedding - I knew I would need the bride in for a couple of progress fittings and I knew the bride was off work that week.I was rapt with the result, the addition sat flush against her skin and no-one would have known that it was added on!

This alteration was shown on my Instagram stories, you may have seen the video.

Connie xo