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Alteration of the week Essense D1985

Alteration of the week Essense D1985


This bride loved her strapless dress, however she really wanted a sleeve or shoulder strap of some kind. We went with an off-the-shoulder lace strap, as it complemented the line of the bodice.
She was also concerned about how firm this dress felt, and confessed she wasn’t used to wearing firm clothing. I explained that, with the low back, the dress needed to fit a bit firmer than usual as the fabric would relax with wear - this extra firmness, and the boning inside the bodice, would mean that it didn’t slip down on her wedding day. There is nothing worse than a bride who has to keep hitching her dress up all day, and I want all Accapella brides to feel that they won’t need to fiddle with their dresses.
After seeing this bride in her altered dress I quickly took a photo so that she could see the difference…This bride hasn’t lost any weight but the simple act of running the dress in at the bustling, adding shoulder straps and adjusting the hem has made her look much slimmer. It’s amazing what a well fitting dress can do!
Connie xo


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