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Attention Brides to Be

Attention Brides to Be

I don't like to write anything negative on Website but I hope this experience turns out to be a positive one for a bride to be. I hear brides to be saying I will go to Sydney as there's not much here in Wollongong as far as bridal gowns. I had a bride that came to me after  buying her dress two weeks previous in Sydney. The tears were rolling down this poor brides face as she was not happy with the tulle hem on the dress, which I explained, had been hacked into by the dressmaker. Very disappointing and not expected for a $5000 dress.

With the direction of Accapella Bridal, I know that I will only be able to alter, not make, the gowns of my own brides. While I do my best in terms of what I can offer, if you do find your dress elsewhere, please take care with whoever is altering the gown and I only hope they will also be a perfectionist! Purchasing is a different game to altering, and the last thing you want is the dress you've invested in to be handled by inexperienced hands. It happens all the time, brides buy elsewhere, even in Sydney, and aren't happy. But it takes a WOLLONGONG seamstress to fix it.

Connie xx


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