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Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week 2019

I am starting to prepare to go to Barcelona for Bridal Fashion week at the end of the month. It is time that I start to look at what I’m missing in my store so that I have an idea of what gowns I would like to buy while I am over there.
When I first started the boutique in 2012 I bravely chose to stock a wonderful international designer that had very unique but beautiful designs. The gowns all had sheer bodices, and at that stage many of the brides that came for a consult had never seen a sheer bodice, and couldn’t get their head around wearing ‘so little’ in public. Sheer bodices had been EVERYWHERE on the international bridal catwalk that year, but I ended up having to sell them at a discount price to the more outrageous brides that wanted something different to the usual bridal gown. In 2015 the trend finally hit in Australia and all the brides started to ask after this sheer design detail! I’m not sure if it’s because of our more isolated location, or just how the market works, but in Australia, we are so delayed in when we receive designs. We are also not as confident to wear a gown that is different to the dresses that are popular at that time. Many brides come into my store with photos of friends on their phone, saying ‘I’d like something similar...’ It’s very different in Europe, where brides are constantly trying to out-do each other with wilder designs!
There was more variety when I did made to measure, all those years ago. I would get that ‘different’ bride, wanting a red or black dress, extravagant collars and sleeves, trains metres in length... Brides were confident and eager to wear something unique.
So, if I suggest you try on a dress that is a design that you haven’t seen before, give it a whirl. If it looks great, all the more reason to wear it! Be your own style and stand out from all the other brides.

Connie xo


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