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Boutique Appointments

Boutique Appointments

Hi Brides!

I often get asked why I only make 45 mins appointments instead of the usual 60 min length. There are two key reasons:
The first is that I believe trying on too many dresses only serves to overwhelm the bride. In the first five minutes of the appointment, I am able to determine what dresses you should try on by speaking to you about the styles you are drawn to, and by assessing your body shape and the style of wedding you are having. That skill in itself means that I can very quickly knock out the dresses that just won't be appropriate for you and your wedding. Some brides still express a little bit of doubt when I explain this reason - they feel that I might limit them and they might miss out on a dress that would have been perfect...but did you know that you have enough time in 45 minutes to try on ELEVEN dresses?!
The second main reason is that, over the years, I have found that 45 minutes is the perfect length of time for appointments with ME. Don't forget that when you visit my boutique, you are having a consult with me on your OWN. I am not tending to other clients, and you are the only one in the store. You will never have to wait for a change-room or a dress to be free. You will have my undivided attention, and frequently I also have my 'shop girl', Emilia, in to assist with hanging up discarded dresses. Many other boutiques book several clients at once, so even if you have a single sales assistant attending to you, you are still required to wait for a change-room to become available.
We decided last Saturday to test this theory, just to make sure I was still living up to industry standards. I made my 'first consult' 9am appointment for 60 mins, and put away my watch. As the appointment came to a close and I was farewelling the bride and her mother, I glanced at the time and we had taken 45 mins exactly! I asked the bride if she had felt rushed at all, or if she wished she could have tried on more dresses, and her response to both was a firm 'No'.
I have been in the industry for my whole career, please have a little trust in me!
Connie xo


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