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busy periods for the wedding industry

busy periods for the wedding industry

It is well-known that Spring and early Summer are busy periods for the wedding industry…but what isn’t as known is that bridal stores go CRAZY in January…after all the Christmas proposals!

I’ve had a lot of brides coming in that either haven’t yet set a date or venue, or their wedding is still more than 22 months away. Not knowing your date or venue makes it hard for me to help you choose your gown - we don’t know the season or even what style of wedding you might end up having. It also poses problems with weight-loss, budget changes…even simple things such as the bride changing her mind about what style she likes!


Knowing these things before coming in to the boutique can also help me know what to keep my eyes open for when I am doing my buying. As new collections become available I can find something specific for your needs.
I understand that some brides are super-organised and know all of the details of their Big Day quite early. If this is you, and you’d like to pay the dress off over 12-15 months, coming in around that time would be suitable; however, for most brides, ordering your dress 6-12 months before your date is fine.


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