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Feedback to Designers

Feedback to Designers

My past life as a seamstress doesn't make it easy for the designers I showcase in my boutique. I’ve occasionally offered my feedback on the quality of their workmanship, especially when dresses aren't perfect when they arrive in my store.

It's important that boutique owners speak up, because the designer can see the quality of the dresses that they are sending out, and my before and after photos can be used to improve on Quality Control at a factory floor level. (Although they must all think "Argh, not that Accapella Bridal woman again"!)
In this example the seam on the left has been sewn with tucks in it when they appliquéd the lace on. The photo on the right is how I want it done. You can see the tucks prevent the seam from sitting flat.
Connie xo


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