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I didn’t have her size in the dress that she liked

I didn’t have her size in the dress that she liked

Hi Brides!

This bride came in today to try on her wedding dress for the very first time!
When she came to the boutique for her first appointment, I didn’t have her size in the dress that she liked. To allow her to see what the dress would look like, I got her to try on a dress in her size that was fitted to the hips. I then held the smaller sized dress in front of her, so that she could see how the skirt would look paired with the way the bodice would feel on. We spoke at length about how the dress would fit and what it could do for her figure so that she would walk down the aisle confident she looked great in the dress.
Her dress arrived this week and it looks exactly as I envisaged. It does need running in at the waist and bust, however this bride is still losing weight so we decided to hold off on the alterations until right before her big day.
There are a few reasons why this style is great for plus sized brides.
1. The colour is more flattering than a bright white.
2. The overlapping diagonal lines created by the pleated bodice draws the eye inwards and downwards.
3. The heavy straps balance out the hips (more apparent when the bodice is correctly fitted).
Wait until I post the pics of the final dress fitting - it is going to be great!


Connie xo


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