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The dress she had bought elsewhere

The dress she had bought elsewhere

This bride emailed me saying she has bought her dress but notice my Martina Liana 809 and wanted to try it on.

In her appointment she bought the dress she had bought elsewhere . She tried on my dress and loved it ….I asked, you have your dress here with you why don’t you like it? She said she doesn’t want strapless and feel the dressmaker putting straps on the dress with keyhole back might spoil it . She also got a price for alterations putting on straps and running in bodice will be $800 …..I nearly fell over . Brides think I am expensive?????? I have charged $600 for design change and alterations. Her concerns was if she spent the $800 dollars and doesn’t like it it’s waisting more money. The dress she has bought is a boarder lace which means the straps would be quite wide. also the front neckline isn’t very deep which with straps would look quite square looking . I like the dress strapless . I wouldn’t have recommended that dress to add straps. The bride kept trying mine on then putting on the one she bought ,,,,she started to feel sick that she has just spent money on a dress she’s not sure to wear. After going trying both a few times she feeling portable in the bust in mine as well as supported , loves the deep V neckline. and the fitted lace …. BRIDES TO BE THIS HAPPENS TO OFTEN…..Choose carefully asks for a seamstress
Photos are left is the 1st dress, right is mine . What do you think?
Connie xo



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