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Trunk Show experience

Trunk Show experience

I'm slowly getting all of my Trunk Show brides in for their fittings. I always ask them their thoughts on the Trunk Show experience - overall they have all loved it and recommend it as a way to find that special something in a dress. It was a very successful weekend for myself and for my brides!

It's still ages away, but I am having another Trunk Show in July of this year. I've decided to host a third day this year, to cope with demand. The show will be held at the boutique on the 13th, 14th and 15th of July.

Are you interested in coming to the Trunk Show? Make an appointment to see me in the coming months so that you can have a preview of the dresses currently in the boutique - that means that when the Trunk Show comes around, you will know what you like, what you are looking for, and if there is anything in-store that you are already liking. Otherwise, the pressure of committing to a Trunk Show dress on the day can be overwhelming if you haven't previously determined what you do and don't like, especially considering there are about 60 new release dresses being showcased on the day!


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