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Felt pressured into buying

Felt pressured into buying

Today I met a bride for the second time. I met her quite a while ago, when it was too far out from her wedding to buy her dress. I had told her to come back closer to her wedding, but when we were discussing the details of her big day during the consultation part of her appointment, she admitted that it was only ELEVEN days before her wedding date!

The bride explained that she did already have a dress; however she was concerned about the fit and the way the dress made her feel. She purchased it from another local boutique and felt that she had been pushed into buying a dress that was too large and not necessarily the best for her shape. Even after multiple fittings, the dress still didn’t sit nicely.
She tried on two dresses that I had in her size, and as soon as she put the first dress on, she turned to her friend and said, ‘See, look how nice this looks. It fits and sits so much better.’
I explained that I wasn’t a fan of the brand that she had bought as I disagreed with the structure and cuts they used in their designs, but that I looked at the dresses from a dress-maker’s point of view…and that surely there was a reason she had bought the dress in the first place. She cringed and admitted that she had felt pressured into buying it and that now all she had was a dress that made her feel frumpy. She tried to balance it out by saying that she wasn’t the kind of bride who was ‘all about the dress’, but when I questioned why she couldn’t wear her original dress if she didn’t really care she admitted that she just couldn’t move forward with the idea of wearing a dress that she wasn’t going to feel nice in for the whole day.
Her friend cut to the chase - “The new dress looks much better than what you were going to wear. Just buy it!”
And so she did. I am looking forward to seeing pics of her big day!
Connie xo


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